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Original "Kekkei Genkai"

The original "Kekkei Genkai" in the series features the Hachimon Tonkou, which is basically a high-speed combination of Taijutsu, where the user cannot even be touched .

It enhances all aspects of Taijutsu, which means basically the attack and defensive power of the user. It is, however, a double-edged sword. The user gets worn down, if not even worse, by opening up more gates. The eight gate will cause instant-death.

Displayed by Gai, Kakashi and Lee, it is one of the greatest direct-damage techniques. Only people who work their entire life hard for it have a chance of entering the gates, however, the Sharingan seems to be able to copy it.

Kekkei Genkai in SL

Basically it can be described in the same terms, except that it is treated as Kekkei Genkai when it comes to the power level.

There are 8 eight gates you can open, 5 with one reset (once chosen) and all 8 with the second pick.

Each gate costs chakra to activate, the gates are:

  1. 開門, Kaimon
  2. 休門, Kyūmon
  3. 生門, Seimon
  4. 傷門, Shōmon
  5. 杜門, Tomon
  6. 景門 , Keimon
  7. 驚門, Kyōmon
  8. 死門, Shimon

Also, the activation costs more chakra each time.

Game Explanation

You are born as a dropout, which means you have had nothing but hardships in your life. Though, your potential as genius did survey once you got to training under Maito Gai, who taught you about the Hachimon Tonkou, the Lotus, and more. You are able to control a certain number of 'celestial gates' in your body which will allow you to gain power beyond imagination for a short term. This is also dangerous to you.


  • You won't ever need to buy a weapon. Devoted to Taijutsu, you fight close-range mostly bare-handed or with items (Kunai). Visit the training grounds to improve yourself.
  • Having chosen this way once you can control up to 5 gates (see wikipedia for their names, effects similar). The second and last time will grant you all. Means with 2 times this chosen you have everything.

This can be stacked up to 2 times!

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