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As a new player or someone who has not engaged in the forest side of SL before, after your first few runs you may see people with hundreds of Orochimaru kills and multiple Kekkei Genkai and end up thinking; "How could they possibly have all that when the game is so difficult? Maybe they just cheated..."

We can assure you this is not the case, for there are no cheat codes in SL. No hacks, trainers, or anything of the sort that you might find on old school Runescape, WoW or wherever else.

While some accounts may have changed ownership over the years, at one point or another someone did still put in all the necessary work to acquire such a ranking, and whatever else the account may have. Much like you they too faced the early hurdles of being a weak Academy Student, Genin and the likes, for although secrets exist and there is a certain small factor of luck in various encounters and battles, there are no shortcuts to instant power.

There are however many, many aspects to the game to learn as it is far more vast than one might expect, and once you get a hold of them and put down Orochimaru time and again things do most certainly become far easier over time. Do not be afraid to ask others or even staff for advice either!

P.S. If you do happen to find a way to exploit the game in an unintended way, we recommend reporting the bug(s) to the staff through petition or a direct message as soon as possible. If you choose not to, you face the chance of a ban from the server for breaking the rules.