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Original Hoshi Gakure


The original Hoshigakure is a small town with little influence. Hoshigakure, also known as the Hidden Star Village is a village who is allied with the Konohagakure. It is a very small village that usually requires the help of others. Their village is based around the stars, naming all the children after constellations. Again connecting to the stars, their lay a meteor in Hoshigakure. The meteor is said to be chakra enhancing and many of the star ninja spend much of their time meditating around it.

There was a filler episode about a "star" which they are named after, and with constant training most excelled in their proficiency, but also there were severe casualties to the hazardous nature of the meteorite they used.

Hoshigakure in SL

The concept is different as it has another purpose and is only reachable after achieving Sannin Level (25 Orochimaru Kills).