How to Zone Fight

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Zone fighting is a big part of the role playing part of SL and it's very important to many players. There are no rules on how you fight (except the rules that apply to the game) and newer players take advantage of this. So many academy students will hop right into the zones and do something like:

Academy Student Example runs in and uses Rasendori and pwns everyone, making him the king of the zones!!!!!!

This is completely permitted, however you should know that most people won't want to fight you if you fight like that. Most prefer that you be fair and don't god-mode.

God-modding is also referred to as auto-hitting. It's where you attack the enemy and say the outcome before it happens (also dodging the things you know that you cannot dodge).


Academy Student Example throws a shuriken, hitting the enemy in the shoulder, cutting through their veins, and disabling their arms.

That's auto-hitting. You're saying that you automatically hit the enemy and already state the outcomes. You need to give the enemy a chance to react. Using a set amount of health and chakra and using jutsus fit for your rank also help make zone fighting fair.

Here's an example of a better/more fair zone fight:

Academy Student Sasuke unsheathes his Kusanagi in his right hand. With his left hand, he pulls a shuriken from his back pouch. Sasuke fires the shuriken at Naruto, instantly charging at him with his Kusanagi in hand.

Genin Naruto side steps, the shuriken grazing his shoulder. Blood runs down his shoulder and he moves to grip it tightly. Naruto swiftly pulls out a kunai with his spare hand and throwing it at Sasuke.

Academy Student Sasuke dives to the ground to avoid the attack, the kunai just barely gliding over his head.

Genin Naruto takes advantage of this time to make a few handsigns and then shouts," Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" to summon 5 clones by his side. The clones stand around Naruto, crouching in a defensive stance.

And so on and so on. Above is a basic example of a fair and realistic zone fight. It is highly suggested that you try to fight like this.

<c> (c) [c] are all examples of symbols used in zone fighting. These symbols are used to say you are continuing your 'turn' after you run out of characters in your first post. Here's an example:

Academy Student Sasuke lunges at Naruto, his Kusanagi in hand. He slashes Naruto with an uppercut, quickly jabbing Naruto with his spare fist. Sasuke back-steps a few feet and begins forming hand signs. He holds his [c]

Academy Student Sasuke [c] hands to his mouth and draws in a huge breath before exhaling a stream of fire out at Naruto.

Note: Using demons, curse seals of heaven, sharingan, etc that you do not have ingame, will displease many people in the zones. The best suggestion is: "Use what you think is fair for our level."