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Original Iwagakure

Known as Iwagakure no Sato or the


Hidden Rock Village, this place lies in the Earth Country. Iwagakure is one of the largest and most powerful villages and therefore, Earth Country is considered one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Led by the Tsuchikage, the village is constantly in unstable conditions or waging war against the Leaf Ninja of Konohagakure.

There are few people that are known to be from the Iwagakure. The main one of note is Deidara, the shinobi who became a missing-nin of Iwagakure and joined the Akatsuki. The other shinobi of note are the Kamizuru Clan. For many years the Kamizuru Clan were the dominant clan of the Hidden Rock Village. They were part of the leading attack on Konoha, but ended up getting massacred in an invasion attempt. Now Jibachi, Kurobachi and Suzumebachi have sought out the Bikouchuu birthing grounds in a struggle to re-establish their great clan.

Iwagakure in SL

Iwagakure does not play as the enemy of Konohagakure in SL. but it does play as a "general" village. The village is surrounded by a vast rocky mountain range that effectively hides the village as well as give it a great natural defense. Those who choose to be a Rock Ninja will gain Iwagakure as their home village, gain +1 attack, and +1 wisdom.