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Original Kumogakure


The village of Kumogakure is located within the Land of Lightning, as one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. With its Kage that's known as the Raikage. The village is located within a tall mountain ranged surrounded by clouds hence the name the Village Hidden by Clouds or Kumogakure.

This village is home to many strong ninja such as Killer B; The eight tails jinchuriki. A, The current Raikage in the series. As well as others like Darui, Samui, Omoi.

Although in the past Kumo and Konoha weren't on great terms. As Kumo went to many lengths to try and steal the Byakugan in several failed attempts. As well as almost causing a war between to the two villages.

Kumogakure in SL

Kumogakure plays the role of one of the "general" villages. However it does contain the Exodus Specialty. Those who choose to be Cloud Ninja receive Kumogakure as their home village, receive +1 attack, and +2 intelligence.