Shadowy Meadows

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The Shadowy Meadows incorporate the following:

  1. Flirting
  2. Proposing
  3. Marrying
  4. Chapel Actions (Divorce etc)

Generally the meadows consist of a few flirt chats to enforce additional romantic roleplay. NO RUDE TALK OR SEXUAL CONTENT IS ALLOWED!


You may flirt in the meadows to be able to one day propose to a person you like.

Note that you can flirt with both genders, your preferral is up to you, BUT don't be rude and honour different sexualities!

To search for a flirtpartner, you can try the "search" function to see where male/female players have posted something in the meadows.

Or you can directly approach somebody.

This will result in a flirt, which consists of:

  1. Flirt Message
  2. Response
  3. Evaluation

The Message is something you have to fill in. Be it a love letter, a roleplay action or simply kind words... it's up to you.

The Reponse (if you get any, I might add), consists of the same thing, or simply a display of denial.

The Evaluation is how "good" you managed to approach your desired flirtpartner and how interesting you might be for him/her. You will see smilies indicating the Evaluation.

Once you have flirted enough (be sure to check your flirt partner status!) you can possible go ahead and propose.


Not so much to tell: if you have flirted enough, you can buy a ring in the meadows and send a propose... either you are turned down (make sure your partner is REALLY interested in you first!) or your propose is accepted...

In the latter case, you now have a fianceé. This is official and you can carry the status along with the name of your beloved in your Bio Page.


Chapel Actions

  1. Divorces
  2. Proposals
  3. ?