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Original Otogakure

The Rice Field Country is usually referred to as Sound Country. It plays as the enemy country in Naruto. It was in constant struggle and gather all the citizens together and for that reason, welcomed Orochimaru as their leader.


The Daimyo of Rice Field Country allowed Orochimaru to create his village known as Otogakure no Sato in hope that Orochimaru would help bring strength to Rice Field Country. Otogakure no Sato became the main village of Rice Field Country, being made up of Orochimaru's army of Sound Ninja.

Otogakure no Sato was allied to many countries such as Leaf, Grass, Rain, Waterfall and Sand, but broke many of those ties after Orochimaru revealed his devious plan to destroy the Leaf.

The main characters of Otogakure are Kabuto and Orochimaru. The others of note are the Fuuma Clan who act as gang-like ninja in Otogakure.

Otogakure in SL


Otogakure plays the part of a more side village in SL. It is one of the most easily traveled to places and is home to many evil ninja. The Fuuma Clan plays a part in SL as Hanzaki's Thieves.

The powerful organization known as the Akatsuki is also said to have set up base in Otogakure.