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The basic ranks and according Orochimaru Kill Titles are:

	-	Male Title				Female Title
	0 	Academy Student 			Academy Student
	1 	Genin 					Genin
	2 	Genin 					Genin
	3 	Genin 					Genin
	4 	Chuunin 				Chuunin
	5 	Chuunin 				Chuunin
	6 	Chuunin 				Chuunin
	7 	Chuunin 				Chuunin
	8 	Jounin 					Jounin
	9 	Jounin 					Jounin
	10 	Jounin 					Jounin
	11 	Jounin 					Jounin
	12 	Hunter Nin 				Hunter Nin
	13 	Hunter Nin 				Hunter Nin
	14 	Hunter Nin 				Hunter Nin
	15 	Hunter Nin 				Hunter Nin
	16 	Anbu 					Anbu
	17 	Anbu 					Anbu
	18 	Anbu 					Anbu
	19 	Anbu 					Anbu
	20 	Anbu Captain 				Anbu Captain
	21 	Anbu Captain 				Anbu Captain
	22 	Anbu Captain 				Anbu Captain
	23 	Anbu Captain 				Anbu Captain
	24 	Anbu Captain 				Anbu Captain
	25 	Sannin 					Sannin
	30 	Kage 					Kage
	50 	Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage 			Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage
	81 	Master Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage 		Master Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage
	100 	Grand Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage 			Grand Ho/Mizu/Oto/Kaze/kage
	500 	Daimyo 					Daimyo

Missing titles are using the previous title, i.e. with 35 Orochimaru Kills you are Kage.

Note: there are a few other titles like Big Bad Meanie and custom titles.