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Original Sunagakure

Sunagakure is a desert covered, dry, mountain filled country. It is one of the largest ninja countries. Orochimaru came along to this country, convincing them to help attack Konohagakure. They were double crossed by Orochimaru(he killed the Fourth Kazekage)and came to allignment with Konoha.


Sunagakure also is the home of Gaara, the holder of Shukaku. Akatsuki attacked Sunagakure, attempting to steal Gaara's Shukaku. The Akatsuki break past the Sunagakure's defenses and eventually capture Gaara, taking him with them. Sasori and Deidara removed Gaara's Shukaku, also killing him (later revived).

Sasori and Gaara are the two main characters of Sunagakure.

Gaara has become the kazekage now, after being revived in a sacrifice.

Sasori has now fallen, though he was a puppet mastering member of the great Akatsuki.

Sunagakure in SL

Sunagakure plays the role of one of the "general" villages. It contains a small tattoo parlor and a few other places of interest. Those who choose to be a Sand Ninja receive Sunagakure as their home village, +2 constitution, and +1 forest fights each game day.