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Privacy Statement from

What data we collect

  • Cookies including a session ID and associated informations, in fact very little is stored inside them. No counters or visits of other web sites are. Your last IP is also saved for verification purposes.

How do we use it

  • Cookies

We make usage of cookies to ensure enhancement safety and to identify repeatly visiting persons over the web. Another cookie is used to store the session id to be able to assign the correct values to a character. In no way are these cookies used to track any other visits than to your site, and no counter even to that remains.

Security of the Server

Game data is safe and won't be given out to 3rd parties unless there is a court sentence to do so or an ISP requesting data due to fraud or other criminal actions. Similar exceptions may apply.

Technically we are protected against intrusions as explained in the wiki:

Deletion of Visitor Data

IP logs are obfuscated daily, killing the last block of it.