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Becoming a Member of a Clan

Shinobi Legends has groups known as clans. Clans are like the clans of Naruto in the manner that they can be considered family and work together. Clans are meant to be your friends and comrades in war and in the game in general. To join a clan you simply go to the clan halls, click “apply for membership” and click on the name of the clan you’d like to join. You then have sent in your application. The leader of the clan you applied to check over you before accepting you in (there are some clans that may not accept you based on their requirements). Once you are in a clan, you can post in the clan halls, see the clan message of the day, and receive clan mail. Many clans have their own tournaments and events to keep their members happy and occupied. These can be great fun along with getting to know your clan members. Communication is a key ingredient to clans. If you talk with your clan members, chances are you will make a lot more friends. Picking a clan can be hard, but you can always withdraw from your clan and apply to a new one. You are never limited to one clan, so feel free to leave/join a clan anytime.

Leading a Clan

After obtaining the rank of Jounin, you will have the ability to build your own clan with your own clan name and such. Clan leading takes much time and responsibility. You must think it over before building yours. Many clans have been built and die immediately.

To lead a clan you need active members. That is one of the most important parts of a clan. It will keep the clan together.

Their are many tips other clan leaders can give you on making your clan famous and popular such as clan contests and etc. Just ask around or check out some other clans to get some ideas.

Clan Leader Options

Clan Mail

Clan Mail is very useful. It allows you to type a message and send it to every clan member at once for only 10 gold per member.

To do this, you simply go to the clan halls, click "Clan Mail Access" and type away your message.

Clan Ranks Editor

You will notice, that as a clan leader you can create your own clan ranks. You automatically have to have rank 0, 10, 20, and 30. You can edit those four plus create many others. The option to add colors to your clan ranks is also open for you (look in the "Frequently Asked Questions" on how to use colors). If you have any you don't want anymore, you can just delete or edit them.

It is suggested that you try to make your ranks look nice and organized, it looks appealing.

Closing Clan for Applicants

Closing the clan for applicants will prevent any new members from apply to the clan, meaning you will get no more new members. To close the clan you simply click "Close Clan for Applicants." Remember, you may toggle this on and off; you can open and close the clan at your control.

Setting a Clan Avatar

Clan avatars aren't a necessity but they make your clan look nice. Clan avatars cost quite a large sum of gems, but they are shown in your clan halls and in all member's bios. To purchase a clan avatar, you just click "Set Clan Avatar" in the clan halls and upload a picture from your computer.

Who knows, could be the difference between a member joining or not joining.

Updating MoTD/Desc.

The Message of the Day or MoTD is an important place in the clan halls. It is where leader's put all types of things such as: tournament info, declaring wars, showing dwelling lists, welcomings, etc. The MoTD is an easily changed (note the name) and is changed quite often. Use it for the advantage of your clan; make use of it.

The clan description or Desc. is a place to explain your clan to outsiders and clan members alike. It is usually used for descriptive, colorful text about the background of a clan. A description can help attract new members as it's seen in the "List Clans" by anyone and everyone.

Both of these can be edited by just clicking "Update MoTD/Desc."

Viewing Clan Log

The clan log is helpful in some cases, though you may almost never use it. The clan log shows who did what in a clan. So if someone removed a member, it would show: Academy Student XXX removed YYY.

If someone promoted someone in the clan, it'd look just like it.

Academy Student XXX promoted YYY to (Insert rank here).

Viewing Membership

All members of the clan can view their clan membership. From it all normal clan members can see the level of clanmates, level, and how long since they were last on.

But as a leader, you may also promote, demote, and remove members. To promote or demote a member, just click on the scroll down bar and set their rank. To remove a member, click "Remove From Clan" next to the member's name.

Giving Others Clan Options

Being rank 30 or 31 (depending on if you're a leader or a founder) you will have full clan options to do anything to the clan you please. But giving members different ranks will give them clan options as well. Giving them rank....

Any rank under rank 20 won't give them any options. 20+ will allow them to edit the MoTD, edit the Clan Desc., and promote and demote any member under them. 25+ will allow them to edit the MoTD, edit the Clan Desc., promote and demote any member under them, and remove any member under them.

Take notice of what rank you give your members. Many clans have been destroyed due to leaders giving random members high ranks. Only promote people to high ranks if you completely trust them.