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Who can edit?

Though anyone can view the wiki and read its contents freely, adding new information and editing the pre-existing sort is limited to only those who have an account which has been given special permissions to do so.

All Staff have these permissions by default, though individuals may also be given them if asked and deemed trust-worthy. In these cases since free account creation has been disabled, Staff will also create this new account for them.

What to edit?

While this wiki is made for the Role Playing Game site Shinobi Legends, it is largely focused on covering the actual game side of the site, whereas the Role Playing aspect and the likes are better explained by actual players on the site itself and a separate RP-Wiki made for the purpose.

Thus needless to say, unrelated matters should be left to their own places meant for them.

The game may be old by now but some things are still considered secret even to this day; what may be a minor thing to a veteran could be a big deal to a newer or otherwise less experienced player. Thus while limited hints may be given for how to acquire these things / how they work, outright spoilers detailing everything will not be included.

Explanations on how more ordinary things work on the other hand are welcome without such restrictions. We wouldn't want to make things intended to be quality of life improvements for the players end up being a pain in the backside after all, now would we?

Helpful Sites for Starters

If your experience in wiki work is lacking, or you otherwise feel like you could use a refresher, you can find some quite helpful simple material through the links below. Alternatively you could also just ask a staff member.

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