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Original Kages

The difference between the kages; Otokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage and Hokage are the prefixes attached to the word 'kage' or translated in english 'shadow' which in the Naruto-verse is the term given to the strongest person in his or her Hidden Village that is elected as the leader. The differing prefixes denote the place of origin in which the title was given. They are as follows:

Oto(Kage): meaning Sound for the Sound Village (Otogakure)

Kaze(Kage): meaning Wind for the Sand Village (Sunagakure)

Mizu(Kage): meaning Water for the Mist Village (Kirigakure)

Rai(Kage): meaning Lightning for the Cloud Village (Kumogakure)

Tsuchi(Kage): meaning Earth for the Rock Village (Iwagakure)

Ho(Kage): meaning Fire for the Leaf Village (Konohagakure)

Kages on SL

On Shinobi Legends, only 5 of the 6 options are available for the characters: Rai, Tsuchi, Kaze, Mizu and Ho. It continues to be the same on SL as the Naruto-verse in that the uses of the prefixes denote the Hidden Village your character was chosen to be born from. As a note, this option has effect on your character until you reach the correct rank.

If you pick:

Kumogakure, you are Raikage

Iwagakure, you are Tsuchikage

Sunagakure, you are Kazekage

Kirigakure, you are Mizukage

Konohagakure, you are Hokage